Renovation and construction is a battlefield.
On one side you have engineers, who are convinced that the project is only a success if it is functional and practical and aesthetics is not essential or even considered.
On the other side, one can find style-oriented artists, architects and designers whose main focus is the aesthetics at the expense of practicality.
Lastly underpinning all this, is cost and time which often doesn’t support the original plans and vision.
This problem is challenging but can be resolved by VIKIDOM.
We have:
– 20 years of experience on Cote d’Azur.
– Carefully selected highly skilled staff and partners.
– Desire to develop.
«The objective is not to live in mediocrity for fear of offending the sensitivity of prigs,
but rather, to help as many people as possible to enjoy the utmost of what life has to offer in terms of harmony, beauty and human relationships.»
We help and share our experience.
You make the decision …